DJ Boof, is based out of the birthplace of Hip Hop, New York City. Born and raised in Brooklyn, his drive and mindset has propelled him to be the best at what he does. As a young teen DJ Boof grew up watching some of the best DJs to ever lay hands on the turn-tables such as Tony Touch, Funk Master Flex and DJ Mr. Cee. Noticing the power of music and how one person can control and move a crowd to the sounds they played, lead to his infatuation with his new found love, DJing. Along with West Indian blood flowing through his veins DJ Boof not only caters to the Hip Hop and R&B crowd, but also the Caribbean, while also being well versed in other genres such as Jazz, Pop, EDM, Alternative and Rock.

Being blessed with the gift of having an “Ear for Music” is what sets him above the rest and always gives him that competitive edge. His style is very unique and his energy is extremely hard to top, providing the best entertainment on all levels to the tenth power. DJ Boof is known to be a “Fashion Trendsetter” with a “Down to Earth” personality that anyone can relate to. When it’s show time, the big city, bright light DJ delivers big. He will make you laugh, scream and will even stir up a little friendly competition. DJ Boof is a legend in his own time with an extraordinary ear for a diverse selection of music in different genres and eras ready to conquer the world. He has appeared on FOX, BET’s 106 & Park, Power 105.1FM Radio, Shade45 Sirius XM Radio, Queen Radio, Apple Music, The Source Magazine and AOL Video. DJ Boof is currently the official DJ for The Wendy Williams Show, Jerry O’Connell Show, Nicki Minaj and Recording artist Fabolous and Pop Smoke.